Essay on The National School Lunch Program

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With the help of her husband, President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama created and passed the Healthy, Hunger Free Kids Act. The Healthy, Hunger Free Kids Act was put in place by the Obama’s to regulate the amount of salt, sugar, fat in different types of food that the schools on their program feeds the students. Today this is known as the national school lunch program. The national school lunch program supplies the food and regulates what the schools serve the students. The HHFKA was passed and intended to decrease the rate of childhood obesity,which could in the long run lead to adult obesity. Before the HHFKA was passed the schools were either on their own program or a company 's program. Schools before were not regulated to serve anything that the school did not want. Most food choices might not of been the best choices, but it did pay for itself and the students actually ate it. The national school lunch program regulates the use of salt and other seasoning which takes the flavor out of food. This causes the food to not taste as good which has caused students to either stop buying it or throw it away. This totally defeats the purpose of even having the lunch program for people who are throwing food away and not getting proper nutrition. It would be better to get the food with the sodium and sugars, rather than no food at all because you are at least getting some of the nutritional value.
The HHFKA was passed with good intention, but some of the regulations…

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