Essay about The National Organization Of Nurse Practitioners

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The National Organization of Nurse Practitioner Faculties (NONPF) is an organization that strives to reform and advance the educational programs of nurse practitioners (NP) in order to assure that these educational programs are training highly qualified nurse practitioners. The NONPF developed nine core competencies that educational programs across the nation should adopt to prepare nurse practitioners have the knowledge and ability to fulfill the nurse practitioners scope of practice upon graduation. For educational programs to maintain program accreditation, the programs must adequately show in documentation how these core competencies are being met and how the students are evaluated on the completion of the competencies (Hallas, Biesecker, Brannan, Newland, & Haber, 2012).
The purpose of this paper is to define each of the nine core competencies necessary for the advance practice nurse (APN) development and to examine how these competencies relate to a specific advance practice nurse role. The advance practice nursing role that this paper specifically focus on is the role of the Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) in a small rural town in Idaho and how the NONPF core competencies affect her practice and how she feels these competencies aid in role development. The interviewee wishes to remain anonymous though did provide a great deal of insight on this subject. Throughout this paper the author will accurately define the NONPF core competencies and how they related to…

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