The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Essay

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One Decision Can Change It All
Next time you’re at a stoplight, look around you. Chances are most of the people you see behind the wheel will be distracted in some way, such as texting. Besides cell phone use,“Distracted driving is any activity that could divert a person 's attention away from the primary task of driving. All distractions endanger driver, passenger, and bystander safety” (US. National Highway). According to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, distracted driving is more than just using your cell phone or doing other things that cause you to take your eyes off the road. It can be taking your hands off the wheel to grab something or your mind being distracted by your thoughts and emotions (US.CDC). The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration describes this national issue as ,”any activity that could divert attention from the primary task of driving. Besides using electronic gadgets, distractions also can include adjusting a radio, eating and drinking, reading, grooming, and interacting with passengers” (qtd. in "Distracted Driving." Cellphone Laws). Distracted driving isn’t a small issue that can just be swept under the rug with other minor problems. The National Council of State Legislators reported that, “ In 2013, approximately 3,154 people in this country died in crashes that involved a distracted driver, and 424,000 people were injured”( "Distracted Driving." National Council of State Legislators). The major problem with distracted…

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