The National Gallery Of Victoria Essay

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In 2013, the National Gallery of Victoria saw roughly 1,940,921 visitors. As the oldest and most visited gallery in Australia, the venue holds over 70,000 works that span several thousand years of history (About the NGV). Since the museum’s founding in 1861, the NGV has grown to include two buildings, NGV International and NGV Australia, located in Melbourne that house a variety of art and artifacts from around the globe including Europe, Asia, and Africa. From 18th century European oils of royalty, to aboriginal masks and sculpture, the NGV has a whole remains Australia’s premier center for artistic education and preservation.
The museum’s history is closely tied to that of Melbourne, and the infamous gold rush of the 1850s and 1860s. Beginning in 1851, several reports of gold discoveries arose from Victoria and New South Wales. As immigrants from primarily China and America flooded in more and more gold was actually found and placed into the market. The rush created huge economic boom for the area and Melbourne’s population increased by over 150,000 during those year (Building Melbourne). It was from this surge wealth that the gallery and plan for creating an art collection first surfaced.
In it’s earliest years, the NGV was no more than a few plaster casts, purchased by the Australian government, that were put on display in the library. Upon positive reception of the art, some funds were set aside with future hopes of constructing a large, formal gallery. While a few…

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