The National Football League ( Nfl ) Essay

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The National Football League (NFL), which consisted of ten teams at the time, has been around since 1920. This was the start to an uphill climb to the top where it would become the most popular sport in America. The organization went through its ups and downs but never shied away from the task at hand. It fought its way through adversity and through time periods where there wasn’t hope. Where there was a world full of hate, the NFL found its way to the top. Because of this, it was able to produce an economic strong point for the United States and produce organizations to help communities. The NFL affects the entire world through its support of society’s youth and becoming ubiquitous. The NFL has become the most popular sport in the United States. Since the NFL was started many icons have shaped the way people view the NFL today. The NFL’s rise to the top started with Pete Rozelle as the NFL’s commissioner from 1960-1989. For example, Rozelle started revenue sharing and negotiated the NFL 's first league-wide television contract. He led the league through a tricky merger with its former rival, the American Football League, creating the Super Bowl in the process. By the time Rozelle retired, pro football had become by far the most popular and lucrative sport in America. This was the start of the economic impact the NFL would have. Since this happened it has changed the United States economy completely starting with taking over Sundays. Every Sunday people travel…

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