The National Eating Disorder Collaboration Essay

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The National Eating Disorder Collaboration defines Bulimia nervosa as “a repeated act of binge eating, which is later followed by compensatory behaviour” (“What is Bulimia Nervosa”). This is a mental disorder seen commonly with young women because of many reasons and causes. Bulimia has a large effect on a person that can stay for the rest of their lives. It is a real issue that does not ever go away. There are many reasons why someone would develop Bulimia depending on the individual and their own struggles. Contrary to popular belief upbringing has a bigger effect on the development of bulimia nervosa in female teens than the media in North America.
The environment in which a child develops in can shape and change who they become. A person’s siblings and parents are usually a child’s biggest role model or example of how to behave. This gives them a lot of power and influence over the developing kid. A family can teach a person many good routines such as good eating habits and self-esteem. They are both vital and necessary for the success of a strong-minded young adolescent. If an individual’s self-esteem is quite poor it is one of the factors that could lead to someone developing bulimia. When a person is constantly told that they are not good enough or that they will never be anything, it can tear down the very thing holding them up. It is the power of the words spoken by those closes that hold the most effect. This is why parents have an immense effect on the growth of…

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