The National Basketball Players Association Essay

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According to the National Basketball Association, a player must be 19 to enter the NBA. This is not the only requirement in becoming eligible to be signed or drafted by an NBA team. These different eligibility stipulations are clearly stated in the Collective Bargaining Agreement of 2005. This age limit makes it so the athlete cannot enter the professional league in the US directly after their high school class graduates. Whether or not to keep the age limit at 18 or raise it to 19 years of age was an issue that was greatly discussed by the NBPA. The National Basketball Players Association was established in 1954 to ensure that the NBA players’ rights were protected and that every step and effort is made to assist the players in maximizing and achieving their personal goals whether it is on or off of the court. The organization represents the best interest of all NBA players when dealing with a collective bargaining agreement or any other problem that occurs regarding a player’s rights. Some may think this rule is unfair because they will have to wait one year after their high school class graduates in order to sign a contract in the NBA and make a great amount of money. Although they start making money earlier if the age rule was eighteen or nineteen, raising the limit to twenty years of age would benefit the coaches, owners, players and the National Basketball Association.
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Any changes to the rule would have to wait for the next Collective…

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