Essay about The National Association Of Colored People

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The National Association of Colored People was established in 1909 as an attempt to combat the racial hatred and discrimination that plagued the era. Since its inception the organization has attempted to work with various non-white communities in and out of the courtroom. By supporting such cases such as Moore V Dempsey, Guinn V United States and the iconic Plessy V Ferguson, the group’s influence in both modern day and past civil rights movements cannot be denied. With this in mind this group has also had its many pitfalls and has not always, and still to this day, have the support of the entire black community for valid reasons. Many people feel that the founding of the NAACP by a majority white group is problematic in itself. Others, such as Marcus Garvey, feel that the goal and tactics of the NAACP is the issue. The NAACP goal was to essentially fix all of the issues that followed the emancipation of African-Americans. The group worked to find equality within the courtroom especially since the only way the way of life for African-Americans could be improved was if laws were challenged and changed. One of the first major court cases occurred in 1915 with Guinn v. United States. This court case challenged the blatantly racist and discriminatory grandfather clause exemptions to literacy tests that were required to vote within Maryland, Oklahoma and many other states. This literacy test gave the illusion that voters were being treated equally however under the…

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