The National Anthem Essays

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We constantly here “Be your own person” , “March to the beat of your own drum”, and “Be a leader and not a follower” but society as a whole is constantly judge the people around us and we automatically pick out the what we perceive as not normal. This constant judging influences our behavior since we are lead to behave in certain ways based on the situations just to fit the norms.These norms that are not strictly enforced are referred to as folkways. sees it as the “Right thing to do simply because the gesture of standing shows that we respect the people fighting for our nation and love the country were as sitting shows we don 't really care. An example of folkways would be standing during the national anthem, although it is not illegal to sit during the national anthem society as a whole along with have norms that are loosely enforced we have some norms that are strictly enforced because they are believed to be essential core values to the well-being of society know as “mores”. One example of mores is sex before maggarie with in a strict religious group, even though there is no laws against sex before marriage many religious group see this as a sin punishable by hell. To understand mores better you must first know the deffinition of “values”. Values are are said to be standards by which people define what is desirable or undesirable. All of these definitions lead to our main topic of social norms. Social norms are the societies expectations of “right” behaviors. A…

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