The Nation Of El Salvador Essay examples

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The nation of El Salvador has seen a rise in violence since the 2014 collapse of their controversial gang truce. El Salvador was also recently designated as the bloodiest nation in the world not at war (Parlow, 2016). In 2015, there were more than 6,600 homicides in a population of six million, which is a murder rate increase of 70% from the prior year (Bustelo, 2015). The agreement provided a framework to de-escalate violence and repair the security environment.
The agreement provided these gangs the ability to negotiate some of the terms and conditions about apprehended leaders. These terms consisted mainly of longer visitations from friends and family, transferring of gang leaders to safer prisons, and improved segregation in prisons between rival gangs. In return, the gangs agreed to end forced recruitment of children, adolescents and reduce attacks on security forces (Bustelo, 2015).
The beginning of 2015 is when the truce took a turn for the worst. The newly elected president, Salvador Sánchez Ceren, and his new minister of security, Ricardo Perdomo, were not interested in supporting the truce. Within months, violence escalated to an all-time high with a 52% increase in homicides, six massacres, and on average 4.5 persons ‘disappeared’ each day (Bustelo, 2015). To deal with this retaliation by force and violence, Sánchez Ceren developed a plan to hit the gangs with an “iron fist”, a force on force approach. He publicly announced the creation of three battalions, with…

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