The Nation Football League ( Nfl ) Essay

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The Nation Football League (NFL) is the one of the biggest and most powerful entertainment organizations in the world. The NFL generates an estimated $9 billion in revenue annually. The league has negotiated contracts resulting in $42 billion in revenue, over the life of the contracts, granting television rights to NBC, CBS, FOX and ESPN. One interesting perk the NFL enjoyed over the years was not paying taxes and was classified as a tax-exempt, not for profit organization. One thing to point out the tax exemption previously enjoyed by the NFL only applied to the league office, not the 32 NFL teams that generate the individual revenue which pay their fair share of taxes. The league’s main responsibilities are the hiring and paying league officials, the league owners, the referees, and lobbyists. Also the organization is responsible for events such as the NFL’s draft. Can you believe the NFL is not the only professional sports league which claims a tax-exempt status? Such leagues as the Nation Hockey League (NHL), the Professional Golf Association (PGA), and Major League Baseball, which dropped its tax exemption status in 2007, claim a tax-exempt status. The only organization which never claimed a tax exempt status was the National Basketball Association (NBA). Which brings up the question, what about the National College Association (NCAA)? Let’s take a look at the tax code which granted the NFL their tax-exempt status for so many years. Under code Section 501(c)(6) grants…

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