The Nasher Museum 's Participative Management Style Essay

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II. Managerial Analysis
The Nasher Museum has a participative management style that seeks to build committed and strong relationships among all employees and managers.
As part of the observable culture it is clear that the museum value the importance of supporting and engaging with art. Part of this culture is reflected through the way the employees actively run the organization on all levels. Though this organization seeks to prosper through its support from all people in and around their community. Part of the core culture of the organization is the core values, which ultimately influence the beliefs, attitudes, and work practices among the organization (Schermerhorn, 2013)
The core value is influenced by the history of the museum concerning Raymond Nasher and his beliefs involving art as well as the staff members who seeks to put those core values to action.
Within the observable culture, some people are considered heroes such as the employees who go over and beyond in recognizing the importance of inspiring others through the arts, such as Jessica Ruhle and Kathleen Wright. These are just some of the few employees who have creatively recognized the importance of fostering engagement through the youth in education and using the arts to foster learning in the Durham communities. The main story about Richard Nasher also plays a major role in the culture of the museum. His legacy provides a strong foundation of why these values are important. The Nasher would not be the…

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