The Narrative Written By Mary Rowlandson Essay

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In reading the narrative written by Mary Rowlandson, it details her time in captivity during the Metacom 's War. During the reading, Mary often talks about her Puritan faith; and how it gets her through the horrific ordeal she endured, how she felt about the Indians, and what type of person Mary becomes in after she has returned home. In the end, Mary returns to her native land and we determine if she is a changed person or would she be considered a white English Christian. In the beginning, Mary discusses her attackers and how they invade her town killing anyone who resists. Mary refers to the Indians as “a company of hell-hounds, roaring, singing, ranting, and insulting!” (Rowlandson, 1997). Mary believes that her faith and prayers to God will get her through this nightmare. Instead of trading insults or being resistant, Mary does what she is told just to stay alive. As Mary is captured along with her husband, three kids, and neighbors, she always made sure everyone was safe. Even as her own child is dying during the process, she manages to keep calm and just take care of her child. Mary teaches us her strength in dealing with her captors by being submissive, making sure their needs and requests were granted upon asking. Mary never showed fear to her captors, she always tried to find the good in them instead of what she knows they are capable of. Mary would often quote scriptures to herself and the other as well as the Indians always keeping God first. As…

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