The Narrative View Point Of Sammy Essay

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Sammy quits his job in an attempted to impress, and possible gain acceptance from Queenie, liberating himself from his self-loathing class. His efforts are in vain. He describes the girls as “my girls” but they are gone; left without noticing Sammy’s act of defiance. Mr. Lengel “in my place in the slot, checking the sheep through.”
Evaluation: The narrative perspective of young clerk, Sammy who battles his contempt of his current social class and his dream of achieving upper class status and acceptance. Ultimately, Sammy realized the harsh reality of his chosen class. The narrative view point of Sammy, the clerk was accurate description of his state of mind. He watched three young girls dressed in bathing suits enter the store and destroy his sense of reality. He viewed the girls as upper class society and carefree approach enjoying the day at the beach. Instead of loathing them, he loathed his social class, peers and family. He is critical of the patrons of the store of their appearance, attitude and food selection. Sammy was stuck at his job as a cashier waiting upon the people he despises. Sammy had a deep desire to be accepted and freed. He viewed girls’ attire and attitude as superior because they didn’t care what the other’s opinion or objections of how they are perceived; they carried on with their lives. Sammy described his contempt of his fellow social class members. His thoughts detested clearly about a female customer as “a witch about fifty with…

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