The Narrative Of The Life Of Fredrick Douglass Essays

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After reading the Narrative of the Life of Fredrick Douglass, an American Slave, I learned a lot about the determination of man and the further horrors of slavery. Douglass was born as a slave and lived the first half of his life as one till he escaped. He didn’t have him mother growing up and he never knew who his father really was either. There was word it was his first owner and that he was a white man but that was the extent of Fredrick’s knowledge of the man. The moment he was old enough he’d be sold and witness horrors slavery forced upon him before being sent off to Boston to live with the Auld’s where he’d learn his ABC’s and soon enough start to teach himself how to read and write. Though living centuries apart, Frederick Douglass and I share similar and different lives.

Although Douglass’ case was worse, we share a similar disconnection to our blood relatives. Douglass never knew his father and although his mother cared and would walk miles to spend the night with him, he never felt a true connection to her. The same could go for his siblings and even possibly his aunt. Although he did express horror and concern for her treatment he seemed more concerned that he was next to be whipped. I know my father but our connection is weary. There are still memories and situations that are hard to look past. With only cousins as the closes thing to siblings I don’t feel as connected to them as they do with each other, it could be due to the large age gap between us all…

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