The Narrative Of The Life Of Frederick Douglass Essay

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In 1845 Frederick Douglass wrote “Narrative of the life of Frederick Douglass” He tells of life as a slave, from early childhood into his adulthood. Describing many of the hardships he faced in great detail, which was revolutionary at its time. It brought the reality of slavery to the light. He tells of his life as a slave in the south. to his time as a free man in the north.He tells of three recurring themes: ignorance as a tool of slavery, knowledge as a path to freedom, and slaveholding as a perversion of christianity.
The first theme within the book ,ignorance as a tool of slavery, emerges within the beginning lines. Douglass is telling of how he does not know his age and this was due to it being kept from him as a child.Yet he barely knew his mother and had no idea who his father was, though it turned out that his first master, was his father. All slave children were robbed of these simple facts of their life. Their age being the biggest and even who their parents are. This showed how slave owners used ignorance to keep the slaves ignorant. This was the aftermath of the Nat Turner rebellion. Nat turner was a highly educated slave, while also being very religious. The rebellion led the Virginia state legislature to pass laws prohibiting education, the right to assembly of slaves, and a white minister had to be present at religious meetings. Slowly other slave states adopted this practice. It was also thought that if slaves were kept ignorant, that southern slave…

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