The Narrative Of Life And Other Writings Essay

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The Narrative of the Life and Other Writings is written by Frederick Douglas and about Frederick Douglas. The reason this book is popular among historians and students is because the book gives a sense of what it was truly like to be a slave in the 1800’s. Douglas is a runaway slave from Maryland battling with trying to free himself mentally and physically. His life was made of horrid conditions bouncing from one owner to the next. After Douglas ran away from his last plantation he became an activist for slavery and went around the North writing books and giving speeches to try and show people what the true conditions are of slavery. This book was written because Douglas believed that publishing this book, showing the life that one must live just because of their skin color would make the people around him understand that slavery is not right and must be stopped. Douglas said what he saw and what he believed. He did not use anyone other than himself in writing this book. After writing about his life the American Anti-Slavery Society published the book. Frederick Douglas was born into slavery somewhere in the early 1800’s. Like many other slaves he doesn 't actually know his birthday. His mother was a slave and his father a white slave master. Many believe the father is Captain Anthony, his slave owner in the beginning of his life. His mother, Harriet Bailey, was separated from him in his early life. Captain Anthony is a employee of Colonel Lloyd, owner of hundreds of…

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