Essay on The Narrative Of Fredrick Douglass

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The Narrative of Fredrick Douglass brings light to the tragic and barbaric ways that his fellow slaves were treated. Douglass gives us glimpses into the daily struggle that slaves have endured just to survive. Although, the slaves went through a lot, no matter how broken, they might seem, they are never truly broken. Until the last breath of air escapes their lungs, they will never accept that this is all life has to offer them. All they wanted is to finally be free and to be treated as human beings. Douglass does an excellent job in showing the powerful struggle that slaves in his time went through, just to live another day, but still not giving up hope that one day they would be free.
From the day they are born slaves knew they were going to be slaves. As children they knew that they would one day be ripped from the bosom of their devastated mother’s arms and sold to another master like cattle. Children worried not if they would ever see their families once more for they were accustom to seeing them taken away, but of whether or not this is all their life was ever going to consist of; being a slave. Douglass mentioned at the young age of twelve that the thought of being a slave for life bore heavily on his heart (Douglass 67). Even as children the slaves were only considered as a working tool that their master could bend and break to do the work that their master didn’t refused to solemnly do. From babes to elders, it didn’t matter a slaves age as long as they could do…

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