The Narrative Of 12 Years A Slave Continues Essay examples

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The narrative in 12 Years a Slave continues as Solomon discusses the treacherous effects of trying to escape. He recalls the story of Wiley, whom he works along at Epps plantation. Wiley sneaks out to go to another plantation and loses track of time and is late to return. On his way back he is caught by the organization of patrollers. They beat him severely and bring him back to Epps who then flogs him again. Unable to keep up with the torture, Wiley runs away for good. Without telling anybody he manages to escape but return a few weeks later after Joseph Roberts recognizes him in jail. He writes a note to Epps telling him not to beat him but Epps flogs him again. Solomon also speaks about those that tries to Escape. The girl Celeste with whom Solomon would share his food and Lew Cheney, a traitor who revoked a rebellion but betrayed his followers to gain praise from the white man. Solomon concludes the chapter by remarking on the hopelessness of insurrection. At one point, a man named Mr. O’Neil inquiries about buying Platt. Platt comments to Phebe that he would happy with that and Mistress Epps overhears. As she recalls this message to Epps he becomes furious that Platt would be happy with another master. Epps then proceeds to whip Platt mercilessly. Epps also is angered by Abram’s old age and stabs him in the back with a knife. Patsey also continues to suffer from Epps rage. Patsey goes to Harriet’s to get some soap and when she returns Epps accuses her of having an…

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