The Namesake Essay

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The film The Namesake started out while Ashoke Ganguli was traveling on a train to visit his grandfather. On the train Ashoke meets fellow traveler, Ghosh, who impresses upon him to start traveling. The train crashes and Ashoke almost dies but is found and survives. After the crash, Ashoke relocates to America for school. In 1977, Ashoke returns home to India to be arranged to marry Ashima. When Ashima accepts Ashoke’s marriage proposal, she has to move to New York with him where their residence becomes permanent. Ashima has to adapt and adjust to American culture, which is very hard for her because she has never been out of India and she misses her family. Shortly after, they become parents of a boy, who they name Nikhil, with the …show more content…
The six sociological concepts that best fit this movie are subculture, resocialization, role conflict, value contradictions, cultural relativism, and empty nest. 1. Subculture- a cultural group within a larger culture, often having beliefs or interests and variance with those of the larger culture (Henslin, p.368). After Ashima and Ashoke get married, they move from Calcutta, India to New York, where Ashoke finishes school and gets a good job. Their residence in America becomes permanent because Ashoke wants their kids to have freedom to choose what they want to become in life and that is where his career is. The Ganguli family is a subculture in America because they are Indian and have a different religion and beliefs than most people in America. 2. Resocialization- the process of learning new norms, values, attitudes, and behaviors (Henslin, p.90). Ashima was born and raised in India where she learned the Bengali culture and values. She never traveled outside of India ever so when she moved to New York she had to learn new norms and behaviors that fit into the American culture. Ashima had to learn the cultural differences such as the food, the cold weather, and being in a large city where the language is different and the attitudes and behaviors of people are much unlike the people in India. She also had to deal with not having family around all the time. Ashoke was busy studying and working many hours

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