The NAACP: Civil Rights Movement

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As mentioned in my presentation, the NAACP is considered the most influential civil rights movement in the US. The organisation has made its mark on US history by working consistently towards its ultimate goal, equality for all. The NAACP has changed conditions for a wide part of the US society so far. They organize demonstrations, travel around the nation holding lectures and have created programs dedicated to reveal cases of hate crimes. By spreading awareness, it can open people’s eyes for the injustice happening in the society that they are a part of. Attitudes towards African Americans and minority groups has improved for many. However, the problem is far from tackled and the road to improvement is long.
The Brown v Board case,
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The NAACP as a part of the Civil Rights movement managed to persuade the justice department into filing a lawsuit against pro- segregation schools on behalf of the US government. The movement also managed to get the government to agree on withholding funding from such schools. NAACP representatives gave arguments in court emphasizing the importance of black children attending school. They had collected statements from 30 social scientist, all confirming the negative effect segregation have on white and black pupils ( A few years later, statistics displayed an increasing percentage in southern black children attending integrated schools. By the year 1973, around 90 percent were enrolled in schools (The …show more content…
The system exists to give people the opportunity to report cases of hate crimes and police misconduct. Hate crimes are defined as violence based on intolerance towards certain groups in society, based on gender, sexuality, religion or ethnicity. FBIs latest reports from 2014 displays 5479 cases of hate crimes, where 47 percent were racial crimes ( The all-alert system takes great use of the reports that they receive. The reports are used to cause awareness in the media, and can be used as solid evidence in a court of law. The reports also provide useful information to the

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