The Myth Of The Student Loan Crisis

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Students today have many decisions to make before entering their first year of college. Thoughts such as, which college to attend and the cost of going to college will often come across each student’s mind. Many students will face hard decisions before entering college, some of the decisions can affect their future and what they plan to major in. One of the major decisions that students will have to make is whether or not to take out student loans. Understanding the benefits of student loans and will help students to consider how long they plan to attend college and will help the student realize the importance of paying a loan back in a reasonable amount of time. When a student does not pay the loan back before the deadline it sets a bad reputation …show more content…
The main reason students take out student loans is to help pay for their schooling and help further their education. In order for a student to receive a student loan they must have a better work ethic so that they can keep that loan, without having a good work ethic students are more likely to lose eligibility to have a student loan. Students hardly take the help of a loan and end up having to pay for college out of their own pocket. In the article titled “The Myth of the Student Loan Crisis,” the writers Nicole and Derek say, “One in six full-time students at a four-year school who are eligible for government loans were not taking advantage of them” (Allan and Thompson 583). Many students do not realize that loans are here to help get them through college, they only see what previous students are going through because they did not use the loans the right …show more content…
As citizens it is important to take pride in our government and be respectful enough to pay money back that is borrowed, such as student loans. When considering college, first year students will face major decisions like, is a student loan worth taking or even worth the consideration? A student loan has many benefits that will help students choose the right college for them, it will open up opportunities that no one would have ever considered possible. Previous students have fallen into debt with student loans because they did not have a good worth ethic and they do not take into account that their actions will have consequences whether the consequences be good or bad. Even though there are a lot of positive sides of a student loan, there are also negative effects. The positive side will outweigh the negative side if one makes a financial budget and stick to that budget. As one of the older generations it is important to set up a good future that the younger generations will look up

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