The Myth Of The Latin Woman Essay

1837 Words Nov 6th, 2015 8 Pages
Throughout the first quarter, our class has read many essays that are examples of different rhetorical modes. Many of these essays were well written and thought provoking, but five of them stood out to me the most. “That Lean and Hungry Look”’was an essay that raised controversy in my mind on its effectiveness and its truthfulness. “Coming into Language” was an essay that’s language brought the story to life, and gave it deeper meaning. “No Rainbows, No Roses” was an essay that was emotionally compelling, with beautiful descriptions. “A Peaceful Woman Explains Why She Carries a Gun” was a essay that changed my view on its topic and made me think. “The Myth of the Latin Woman” caused me as a reader to empathize deeply with the writer, and consider the effects of stereotypes on ethnicity. All of these essay left an impression on me, both good and bad, that made me stick out amongst the other readings we did this year. The five stories listed were chosen due to their effectiveness of mode usage, their use of language, a strong feeling they created, and an opinion or change in view that I had because of them.
Almost every essay we have read this quarter has given me helpful incite on a topic, or has been an example of excellent writing, except one. “That Lean and Hungry Look,” in my opinion, was tasteless, and was neither appropriate nor up to the standard of writing that the other essays in the English book are. “That Lean and Hungry Look” was a compare and contrast essay,…

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