The Myth Of The Bible Essay

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This, at first, greatly hindered scientific advancement. The church – because of it’s own prideful blindness – spent too much time opposing the new theories, instead of engaging them and really considering them. They could not have considered that the new findings could bring them closer to an understanding of God and His creation. We must not fall into the same trap. We should not let our own dogma get in the way of scientific advancement. The truth will prevail. Let us not reject something we refuse to understand. It may do us good to recognize that the Bible, while it often confirms and encourages science, speaks very little about science. The Bible makes very few claims regarding our universe. Genesis is not concerned with how or when God created. Rather, it is concerned with Who, and why. Genesis establishes that God is the sovereign Creator. He is Ruler over all things. It also introduces man, and our relationship with God. It introduces our fallen nature and God’s covenant relationships with us. The Bible as a whole is not concerned with scientific theory, but with redemptive history.
Ultimately, all truth is God’s truth. We need to remember that. On the truths which the Bible legitimately addresses, of course, as a direct revelation from God, is the ultimate and final authority. But we must remember that just because the Bible is the best source of truth in some areas – especially on the specific nature of God and His plan – that does not mean that it is the only…

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