Essay on The Myth Of Mary Shelley 's Frankenstein

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Myths are passed down from generation to generation, but are often changed or modernized in that usually explains a certain nature or social phenomenon, and typically involves supernatural beings or influences. In fact, many authors based their written works off a myth such as Mary Shelley. Mary Shelley had modernized the Greek myth of Prometheus into her own version so that it is relatable to the nineteenth century. She had called her novel Frankenstein which is also known as The Modern Prometheus. Frankenstein is about a young man named Victor Frankenstein who had sought to create a new superior species. Yet, instead of creating a beautiful living being as he imagined, he had created a monster. He abandoned his own creation, and as a result the monster sought revenge on his master. It is evident that the plot and focus of Frankenstein is a parallel to that of Prometheus. Victor Frankenstein’s fate is based on the titan named Prometheus’ punishment. The Greek myth and Frankenstein both use the creation of living beings as the main focus to drive the plot. Also, the motif of fire is evident in both the Greek myth as well as the novel. As it is seen, Mary Shelly had titled Frankenstein also as The Modern Prometheus because the Greek myth of Prometheus greatly drives the plot of the novel. Victor Frankenstein and Prometheus are remarkable similar characters, but there is a distinct contrast between the two. Prometheus was a titan with a brother named Epimetheus. These two…

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