The Myth Of Greek Culture Essay

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In the beginning, the world was absent of earth, sea, and heaven, it was Chaos. The world was a “confused and shapeless mass, nothing but dead weight.” God and Nature decided to end this disorganization and separate the elements; earth, sea, and heaven. Air, because it was the lightest of the mass, was lifted and created the skies and heavens. Earth settle and created land, and the heavier land sank below and was covered with water creating the seas. With the creation of the world, there came the creation of the Titans, then the Olympian gods, and lastly man. This is how the world and mankind were created according to ancient Greek’s. Mythology was the religion that became the foundations of Greek culture. It was a religion that consisted of various ways of worship such as, festivals. Greek participants were devoted so much that they would “put aside everything else and sit the day through […]” when worshiping during a festival. It was a religion consisting with gods, sacrifice, and some the belief of gaining morality. Greek polytheistic religion based on myth spread throughout the Mediterranean, Africa, and Europe, including the Romans. Romans took the characteristics and practices from Greek culture and integrated into Rome itself. Greek religion influenced and impacted Roman religion, structure, and society establishing the culture of Rome.
The basis of Greek religion is myth. A myth is a traditional story of people within a society, and are used to explain social…

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