The Myth Of Doing It All Analysis

“The Myth of Doing It All”

Pre-reading: The expression "having it all" could have different meanings; it represents what a person is missing, and of course everyone has different necessities. No one has all in this life because nobody is really satisfied with what they have; while an individual has a lack of money, time, peace, love, health, etc., other individuals may have it, but they will be lacking something else; even the wealthy people do not have all. As a regular person, my mother and I do not have all; people tend to have many wants, and the expression "have it all" is very broad. The word "all" sounds tentative, but we have to know what is all? "All" is an extreme word, all bad or all good. Sometimes what I think is good for me,
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Most of the people contempt women as the person in charge of the house chores and family, but it is no always truth. Thus, part of society assumes that if a woman works, the family is out of control. There is a misconception because why do they not ask men the same question? It is perhaps because they think that women are more capable of controlling all the details in the house. The truth is that some people judge women for using part of their time in a workplace, but they do not judge men. Many women feel like people is blaming them instead of supporting their career success. On the other hand, some women feel like they are doing something wrong when they dedicate some time to their job. Women do not prefer a job than their family; a job is just a complement to their life. Hence, people should understand women 's needs. 3. “Done is better than perfect” means that no everyone can reach the perfection, but each individual can try to do the job. I agree with this comment because it motivates people to have dreams and try to meet them. I know that many people make more effort than others, but at the end, everyone receives a similar satisfaction. This sentence is easily applied to parents with two jobs, family, and workplace. These parents cannot do both jobs perfectly, but they try to do their …show more content…
The point of this chapter is to recognize that any of us is doing it all. There always something missing; we cannot do everything perfect. If we work all day hard to achieve our goals at work, we waste wonderful time with our families. Nevertheless, if we stay at home with our children, we lose the opportunity to growth in our careers. This is an endless issue. Society presumes that women should stay at home, but at the same time, they push women to help men economically. Why do women have to choose between stay at home or a career? Whichever decision is chosen, none of them will please society. Thus, mothers have to choose the option that fulfills their expectations.
11a. Supporting women going back to work. Sandberg in her book Lean In points out that, "Being a parent means making adjustment, compromises, and sacrifices every day" (122).This means that once a women get birth should arrange her time to continue with her regular life schedule; their solution is to stipulate a time for their work and keep that, as a rule, all the time. Mothers have to assign time to their job and family to enjoy of both. Women have to remember that they cannot do it all perfect, but they should try to do it.
11b. Supporting women staying

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