The Myth Of Classless Society Essay

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What is the “myth of classless society” according to author Donna Langston?
The “myth of a classless society” according to the author Donna Langston is that “ambition and intelligence alone are responsible for success.” This myth according to the author “conceals the existence of a class society.” I do believe that we all have opportunities and that it is a choice that one makes to settle or achieve. I do believe that the journey can be more difficult due to race, gender and if exploit for all to know ones own sexuality. The myth according to Donna Langston implies the working class and poor are trapped in the belief that they can get ahead - I do not agree with her. I don’t believe the class lines are that defined so that and individual cannot change one’s lifestyle (class) if that individual desires too. I do believe that we are a class society. I think the author has some strong prejudices herself. Live and let live is my philosophy - I don’t shove my beliefs on anyone. I am white, I am a woman, I am heterosexual, and I am middle class. It has not been an easy road for me; I have had to work hard. I have watched my mother, father, members of my family, and my husband work hard too. We have had opportunities and have embraced them with hard work. There have to be rule in society or terrible things such as sexual praetors would be accepted. What I am saying that her sexual preference should be private - like mine is. I don’t advertise my preference. It should not have any…

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