The Mystery Of The Vampire Essay

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Over the course of history, all nations and tribes have all had their own share of stories of beasts and creatures. Most tribes have superstitions of creatures that hide in the dark, or rise with the full moon. There is an everlasting reservoir of recording of such beasts, although mainly fictional. However, to most people before the age of the information and experimentation, people believed in these lores wholeheartedly. One mythical being that has painted its picture all over the globe is the blood-sucking vampire. This creature has had a startling occurrence in the modern world yet, it still has yet to be debunked. The modern vampire is in another class, particularly different from old age vampiric folklore. As generally defined by most people, the vampire is an undead creature that sucks the blood of living beings -mainly humans- to stay alive. Vampires are the representation of evil all over the globe, for their unnatural state. This mythical creature has held the breaths of all people starting from the beginning of time up till now, though the reasons may be different. This term 'vampire ' is a fairly modern term that has come out of the mass hysteria of vampirism during the 18th century. At this time, most vampires were known by their local names such as, empousa, vrykolakas,drampir, nosferatu and others. Generally, vampires prior to the 18th century, had bloated and sickly features. They had elongated nails and teeth. Appearance-wise, vampires were imagined…

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