The Mystery Of Romeo And Juliet By William Shakespeare Essay

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Most people view William Shakespeare as a literary innovator and a creative mastermind. The truth is the great poet Shakespeare is just another remixer of past innovations and historical information. Romeo and Juliet, the classic tale of two star crossed lovers, is not as original as Shakespeare or his readers might have led on. In fact the story of Romeo and Juliet was derived from similar stories written in the 1500s by authors like Author Brooke and William Painter. Brooke’s poem and Painter’s story in return were inspired by novella written by Italian author Matteo Bandello and other literary works of the time (Malbillard, 2009). Shakespeare’s play was written between 1951 and1956, however Romeo and Juliet was not published until 1597. The story of two teens in love from different social environments has been done over and over again since Shakespeare’s great play. Countless movies have been devised from the play its self and the idea and content of the play has motivated countless musical references, television shows, and books.
The genealogy of Romeo and Juliet can be traced all the way back to Greek mythology. In Greek mythology the story of Pyramus and Thisbe by Ovid is about two lover who are forbidden to marry by their rival parents. Like Romeo and Juliet the Greek lovers meet an untimely death due to confusion of their dead true love. Contrasting the Shakespearian play Pyramus and Thisbe death are attributed to a mistake with a lioness and a bloody veil and…

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