Essay on The Mystery Of Mortality And Death

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The mystery of mortality and death has perplexed humans for centuries. Many individuals question, “What happens when we die?” and “Why do bad things happen to good people?” One asks themselves, who genuinely possesses the right to determine who can live and who must die? Few countries and American states allow legalized participation in physician assisted suicide (PAS) which permits individuals to make the choice regarding whether they live or die based on their inevitable suffering due to disease. The Netherlands is among one of those few countries which views euthanasia PAS as advantageous. Where does intolerable suffering initiate and conclude, and when the boundary of mortality and ethics become so compromised that humans are manipulating a God-like role are all imperative uncertainties that are prominently affected by legalized assisted suicide. Physician-assisted suicide is the self-administering of a lethal substance which is prescribed by a physician. Typically the individual seeking PAS has a painful terminal illness and is the one to perform the “last act”. Both the physician and patient are aware and comprehend that the patient intends to use the medication or intervention method to commit suicide. PAS and euthanasia are commonly misperceived as interchangeable entities. Euthanasia is an inclusive term which describes the medical process of a sickly patient ending his/her life, rather than the continuation of suffering until an inevitable death. The main…

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