The Mystery Of Ghost Hunters Essay example

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Be Warned
Bumps in the night, chills in the air, not to mention the increasing popularity of the microscopic universe displayed by television series like “Monster’s Inside Me” where viewers are left cringing at the sight of a gruesome extraction by means of cornea (the inner black spec of the eye) scraping. It is not uncommon to run into encounters of the supernatural on a daily basis, especially with the increasing amount of tolerance in the community. Ghost hunters are increasingly gaining respect, Shamans are being categorized as alternative therapy administers, Vampires and Witches are earning slots in historical archives, and monster sightings/ attacks are at their all-time high. From these happenings, a question arises, what is a monster? In contrast to the vague dictionary definition, monsters should be defined as semi-conscious variation of organisms that are not believed to be in existence due to lack of knowledge, and or understanding, of said phenomenon.
As a primarily goal, an understanding must be established amongst the general populous, the “Oxford Dictionary” definition of monster is undoubtedly wrong. There are many definitions included, but focus will be put on those referring to monsters as a noun such as in the following definition, “A large ugly, and frightening imaginary creature,” (Definition of Monster 4). In further passages the idea is explained that the root of which the word came from was of Latin decent and is, “’monere‘ to warn” (Definition of…

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