The Mysterious Mayan Religion

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The Mayans worshipped a religion. Kukulcan was the god of El castillo, Chaac was the god of rain and thunder, and Bolon Tzacab was also known as Huracan. Blue honored the god of Chaac. Bishop Diego de Landa understood the Mayans religion, culture, and language. The maize of god was a model of countly life for classical Maya. Mayan religious is based is based on cycles and not permanence. The surrounding modern day is called oaxaca. They had ballgames, and the losers would get their captains sacrificed. You can find more information in a Mayan textbook.

Mayans followed a government. Maya is people from Mexico and central America. They came from the Yucatan city. John Lloyd Stephens and Frederick discovered the “Mysterious Maya”. Specific
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The most popular game they ever played was Poc-a-Toc. What makes Poc-a-To so impressive is that they could only use hips, shoulders, and knees. They myth of the ball game is that the sacrificed their winners. Everyday they had greenstone, beads, cacao beans, and copper bells. Nowadays there are farms, lands, rivers, and ect… Pyramids show human existence from the famous Mayan calendar. On the island of cozumel there is Mary and goddess Ixhel. They lived in large palaces in the city. Most of them speak bilingual in spanish. Around 5 million speak Mayan language. Their clothes were made from animal …show more content…
The population is 2,000,000. There is over 50 ethnic group. Maya’s ancestors built the ancient civilization. Buildings they had they had were pyramids,city construction,and stone monuments. The cities were usually surrounded by farmers. In the city of Tikal set a temple. There was another city called Chichen Itza. Another good place to build the Maya civilization in the tropical rain forest. The basket nets were about 20 feet and 6 meters.

Sixth talks about achievements. One of the most accomplishments they had were most attractive and beautiful art pieces. They made calendars so they don’t have to look at the sky. They called the 260 day calendar cholkij. They long count calendar began August 11- December 21, 2012. They made two calendars work simultaneously. Landa burnt over 20,000 Maya codices. Professor Michael Coe wrote “Thames and Hudson.” He graduated Yale University. Something they're really good at making is the Naked eye makeup observation. They called one of their art pieces Mayan jadeite

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