Essay The Mysteries Of Ancient Roman Women

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in ancient Rome, not much is known about women unless she made a significant difference such as marrying an infamous person or if her parents or child did something that changed the history as we know it. What did patrician women do all day and how did it differ to that of plebeians, free-women and slaves? What did women do in business roles, domestic roles, religious roles, political roles and family roles? This essay will attempt to uncover the mysteries of ancient Roman women and to find out why so little is known about women compared to men.
While women weren’t allowed to become parts of the senate or any other political roles, however they were able to persuade their husbands and other men of power into helping her get what she wanted. Some examples of women who used their husbands or other men to get what they want was Claudius’s third wife Valeria Messalina who plotted with Gaius Sulius to overthrow her husband with the hope of putting herself and her lover in power. Another example of a woman who influenced men was Cornelia, daughter of Scipio Africanus, mother of Gaius and Tiberius Gracchus. Cornelia had great influence over both her sons having carefully supervised her son’s education, which were a balance of traditional roman values and the best of Greek learning. Therefore saying that women had no voice in political affairs would technically be true however saying that women had no influence would be wrong.
Patricians, plebeians, freedwomen and slaves alike…

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