Essay on The Myers Briggs Personality Test

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The Myers-Briggs Personality Test is an assessment tool used to offer insight into how individuals think, function, and thrive (Myers & Briggs Foundation, 2016). The results of my Myers-Briggs Test revealed that my personality was ENFJ, extraverted, intuitive, feeling, judging (Humanmetrics, Inc. , 2016); my temperament was NF, or idealist (BSM Consulting, Inc., 2015). A Worldview is an intellectual, emotional, and spiritual framework by which you view reality, make sense of life and apply meaning to every area of your life (Kahlib Fischer, 2016). Worldview and personality type combine to construct a lens for how we view, interact with, and react to our environment.
Step 1
I was found to exhibit a moderate preference for extroversion over Introversion by 38% (Humanmetrics, Inc. , 2016). I found this result interesting because I personally feel like an introvert, but people are naturally drawn to me. My desire for solidarity is often outweighed by the benefit I perceive in my contributions to the issues I encounter in life; therefore, I chose not to just stand by – I engage! It is rare that I encounter a person that I can help but choose not to help. Extraverts are personalities that are often ruled by their gregarious nature (Kroeger, Thuesen, & Rutledge, 2002). I have a wide range of contacts, making face to face contact rare but I am usually intense, personable and warm; this is in line with the typical characteristics of extraverts.

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