The Myers And Briggs 's Personality Theories Essay

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Jung and Myers technique of giving a letter to each word and combining them is used by many different theories and ideas like Socionics, Keirsey Temperament Sorter, and Linda Berens’ interaction styles. The Myers and Briggs Indicator is one of the most popular and used personality tests out currently. Of course, Jung did not create it, but it was built off of his original personality theories. The idea of personality typologies originated with Jung and was adopted by many other theorists and amended to fit their personal opinions. Some of the major personality perspectives are type theories, trait theories, psychodynamic theories, behavioral theories and humanist theories.
Type theories claim that there are a specific amount of personality types and that they all originate from biological influence. Trait theories say that personality is based off of internal characteristics that are inherited. Psychodynamic theories, which Freud and Erikson fall into use the idea of the unconscious playing a large role in personality. Behavioral theories, which include Skinner and Watson believe that personality is built off of the interaction between one and his or her environment. Finally, humanist theorist like Carl Rojers and Maslow strongly believe that free will and experience shape personality. Of course, Carl Jung created his own school of psychology; analytical psychology so he falls into that category. Just as a comparison to the rest, analytical psychologists focus on how the…

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