The, My Personality, Introverted, Intuitive, Feeler, And Perceiver ( Infp )

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According to, my personality is introverted, intuitive, feeler, and perceiver (INFP). When I first started taking the assessment, I wondered if I should be dishonest to get the best possible answer or if I should be totally honest with everything. I decided to be completely honest and the results I received were mainly accurate. It shocked me that a theory from 1921 still applied to me today in 2016. Naturally, I possess some of the other qualities of the additional personality types, however, I do believe that this is because as humans we are able to adapt to any setting. For example, there may be times where I must be a thinker instead of a feeler to make moral and logical decisions.
The first scale of the assessment, Emotional Focus, reported that I am 73% introverted and 27% extroverted. As an introvert, I can be described as reserved, discreet, self-motivated, liberated, and even complicated. Introverts are typically to themselves and focused on their own thoughts or emotions. I can honestly say that this is very true. Most of the time, I am alone and comfortable. I genuinely find peace being by myself. Sometimes, I enjoy going places alone or having fun by myself. However, going places alone such as the movies or traveling may not always be safe or as fun with someone else. There have been many times where I wished that I had friends to go places with. In this case, being an introvert can be a little lonely.
The second scale of the assessment, Information…

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