The, My Friend 's Dad Essay

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Refugee. A word that we all know in humanities core due to our topic on war. However, most of us do not exactly know it’s meaning since we have not experienced it ourselves, but we do have relatives or a friend’s relative that may have gone through a surviving and strenuous experience to live a peaceful life away from war and chaos. This is where Mr. Thanh Mai, my friend’s dad, comes in. He was one of the forty-nine people in a small wooden river boat that fled the “terrors of communist Vietnam” to Hong Kong. He is one of many hundreds of thousands of “boat people” since they crossed the South China Sea in overcrowded and inadequate boats to reach countries, such as Hong Kong, Malaysia, the Philippines and other Southeast Asian countries (Remembering the Boat People Exodus: A Tale of Two Memorials). They would endure what they calculated to be a three day trip to a prolonged thirteen day trip due to harsh weather conditions which would lead to the motor dying out. He remembers exactly how it went. He planned it out with a group of people that what he said was “sick of the government’s tight grip on their lives”. They would leave at night after their work was done. Mr. Mai explained to me that he felt so many emotions once he got on the boat. He felt excited and actually started to finally feel free, but he felt guilty since he was leaving his family behind back in Vietnam, while he would go on to obtain his freedom. He also felt really nervous and terrified on either…

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