The Muss Character Analysis

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Register to read the introduction… Jake is an ex-convict who has a very muscular stature, which is why he is called “the muss” short for muscles. Jake is an unemployed and irresponsible man and spends most of the day getting drunk at the local bar with his friends. Jake suffers from substance-induced psychotic disorder; this is clear when he is hosting a wild party at his home and his wife Beth dares to “get lippy”. He savagely assaults Beth in front of all his friends punching her and beating her and then after rapes her and no one helped her. Jake Heke also suffers from a mood disorder; Jake can go from being loving and happy one minute to savagely abusive and mean in the snap of a finger. This is clear when Beth refuses to make eggs for one of his guests at a party. Jakes beats her savagely while he was drunk in front of a crowd. Jake also suffers from brief-psychotic disorder which is witnessed by many people in a bar after being told that Bully raped his daughter Grace. He savagely beats Bully almost to death and stabs him with a broken beer bottle, he went

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