The Muslim League Essay

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As the head of a Bureau whose focus is on improving relations with the Muslim league, I must say that something has to be done. After the proposal from the British governor generals, there has been much chaos, and more to arise in the future. As also being a leader in the Indian National Congress, I do agree and support, for the most part, the proposal made by our Governor Generals. But, from our previous conference that was held, it is obvious that there are people who do not, namely, the Muslim League. The announcement of the proposal caused an uproar and outrage from the Muslim League. They fought back hard, stating that they were going to form their own Muslim national guard, and they even resulted in violence. Jinnah, the leader of the Muslim league planned a ‘direct action day.’ This was a riot that occurred for four days between the Hindus and the Muslims in the city of Calcutta, where the Muslims are the majority. In these riots, an estimated 2,000 people were killed, and 20,000 were injured (Gamemaster news service). This is a very hostile and forbidding prelude to the proposal of independence for India. Therefore, I am here in attempt to improve the relations between the Indian National Congress and the Muslim National League to obtain the best possible outcome for India. At the last conference, the president of the Muslim league, Jinnah, gave a speech on his reaction and response to the Governor General’s proposal, discussing several concerns that the Muslim…

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