Essay about The Muslim Girls By Kathleen Jamie

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Kevin Swander said it best when he said, “Rules are rules, and no one’s exempt.” In this quote, Swander was saying that we all are required to follow the rules, and there should be no double standard that comes with it. In Pakistan , there are different rules that people are required to obey. One of the may amendments in the Pakistani Constitution says, “There shall be no discrimination on the basis of sex”(Article 25). Yet, this law has been ignored by the Pakistanis time and time again. Thus, there should be stricter enforcement of that law to guarantee that Pakistani women are treated equally both in and out of their household. Pakistani women aren’t treated as Pakistani men are. Jibeen says that Pakistan is, “A large, complex, and heterogenous society, but one that has been associated with high levels of gender inequality overall” (475). In one of my essays that my class considered together, entitled, “Shia Girls” by Kathleen Jamie, she speaks briefly of the gender equality that she witnessed during her visit to Pakistan. Her, being from Scotland, was shocked to see the way women were treated compared to how she is treated in her country. Another example can be found in Jibeen’s article. In a study that was conducted to try to get answers to the reasons why young Pakistani women run away from home, Samina, gives her story. She says, “My father said, ‘Did you not see moustaches on their face? Why did you speak loudly in front of your brothers?...How can you be equal to…

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