Essay on The Muslim Faith And Islam

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The Muslim faith has a set of strict laws that dictate the day to day lives of Islamic people. Moreover, these laws dictate the interactions between family members. Palace Walk shows the interactions between al-Sayyid and his Islam practicing family. These interactions exemplify the Islamic beliefs of each individual family member. In this paper I will analyze how al-Sayyid and his wife Amina interpret the Quran and use it’s teachings in their everyday lives. First let’s analyze al-Sayyid Ahmad. He exemplifies a chauvinistic, controlling, domineering, and hypocritical male patriarch. As such, he physically and emotionally batters his Muslim family and expects unconditional and complete respect. His views towards men and their role in society and the household represent an extremist view for any religion let alone the Muslim faith. He claims to be a follower of Islam and enforces the strict rules on his family. He, however, picks and choses the aspects of Islam that best fit his lifestyle and personal pleasure. He consistently drinks, parties, and cheats on his wife. In Islam, these actions are forbidden and al-Sayyid breaks Islamic law by indulging in these worldly pleasures. The Shaykh in fact, calls out al-Sayyid and chastises him for breaking Islamic law. Al-Sayyid defends himself by calling his actions rewards for a life of service and reverence. He says. “By word and deed both. By prayer, fasting, and almsgiving. By remembering God whether I am standing or sitting.…

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