Essay The Musical Of The Music

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The musical has gone through many changes in its lifetime. Its has been developed, explored and performed in millions of theatres around the world. But what really are the foundations of the art form itself? All of the three elements are really important, but there is one that stands out and has changed the most. That would be the music. The music has served the musical in many ways. It serves the characters extended feelings of fulfillment and gives the audience something to hum out of the theatre. It even has music in the name it clearly is the most important aspect. The musical element of the musical gave the art its initial success, and this heavily influenced the popular music scene. Once people heard these songs form these shows they wanted to hear them again and again, and this led to the idea of the Musical standard. In this Essay I will be looking at how the musical has developed pop music and how in the years of its development it switched completely so that the popular music was influencing the musical. I will first look at the fifties and sixties and the idea of the standard and how that was the main focus of the musical. Then I will look at the seventies and eighties and the composers influence of the pop music and some of the holdovers. And finally I will look at the rise of the Jukebox Musical and the current development of the Hip Hop/Rap Musical.

The main Musical writers of the fifties and sixties were Cole Porter, Rodgers and Hammerstein, and Frank…

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