Greek Vs Byzantine Art Essay

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The Byzantine and Ancient Greek eras, two remarkable times in art history that share similarities but greatly differ from each other. The characteristics that they share is not the story behind the work or the meaning of it, but they share the same atmosphere and composition. As well as tones, and textures. In some cases, pieces from these two periods can be confused to be created by the same artist on the same era. Just as they share similarities, they have distinguished differences that makes them exclusive to their culture and era. In this essay we will compare two pieces of artwork from different time periods. The Musical contest between Apollo and Marsyas a mosaic created during the Ancient Greek period and The Madonna and Child with Saint …show more content…
The firs similarity that can be seen is the location of both pieces. They are both located in The Audrey Jones Beck Building of the Houston Museum of Fine arts. This building exhibits galleries from ancient art, Erupean art, photography, prints and drawings. Both works share the same color scheme and textures. The use of browns and nude colors by the artists make these two works to look as they were from the same culture and era. Another similarity shared by both is the background of the picture. In art history, there are several pieces that only have one person or two people in frame and a solid backdrop. That is not the case with both The musical contest between Apollo and marsyas and Madonna and child with saint john the Baptist. In both there is a scene being depicted in the back. In the mosaic we can see two mountains slightly fading with the sky and fog. Also, Saint John the Baptist can be seen in the back with royalty riding horses. In the mosaic the background includes the goddess of victory, the God of wine, the goddess of wisdom, there are two muses of the arts as judges, a tree that according to the Hirsch Library Research Guide “flourishes with green leaves, symbolizing the victory of Apollo”. These are the characteristics that make both artworks have a relation. Art does not need to be from the same era to share similarities, sometimes you can find a correlation on the small

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