The Musical Arts Program For The Choir Program Essays

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As an active member in the choir program, I can say that when I step through the double doors on the music hallway, I feel like I am in my home away from home. I could twirl in circles, dance around the room, run across the risers, make up my own song on the piano, sing about balloons and pineapples, or laugh at absolutely nothing and I still would not be judged because I know that no matter how strange I act, my musical family will still love who I am. A silly thing the choir does is give everyone a “name” which is usually an animal or a food that they resemble. It is immensely bizarre but amusing, weird, and a choir thing. Another odd tradition is that before Mr. Mac brings the Concert Choir to our annual State competition, is that we all stand in a circle, hold hands and sing. Why? Because Why Not?
The musical arts program is typically viewed as a collection of groups, usually band, chorus, and strings whom’s members are classified as any synonym for weird. The musical arts are also seen as a waste of money and time that could be spent obtaining an education. Although some unfortunately view the musical arts in this way, those involved in the program get to make memorable moments with a second family. Musical arts programs across the nation are underappreciated and are thought to be a waste of a school career, despite allowing and helping students to be creative, improve grades and inspire self confidence. Musicians and singers are constantly studying notes, rhythms,…

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