The Music Training And Success Essay

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Everyone has had a moment where they realized that they have a certain skill, ability, or quality about themselves that they gained from something they might not have expected. They might have gained this from a class, or a club, or activity they did in the past. Music is something that many people have taken skills from and used to become successful. Some of these people are famous and can credit great amounts of their success to their musical background. Sometimes people use skills for one field or job that they gained from doing something else entirely.
Musical training and success in life can be directly correlated because people gave proven it, science has proven it, and life has proven it.
One reason why music training can lead to success is because in a lot of cases, people who are successful have had musical training. Some of these famous, or successful people include Roger McNamee, Larry Page, and Paula Zahn. When looking at individual fields of occupation, there are very famous that have all had musical training. Paul Allen, for example, is a co-founder of Microsoft, which is considered a giant in the technology field. Larry Page, is a co-founder of Google, which is used by millions of people every single day. There are other fields where very important people had musical training. In in the business or finance field people like Roger McNamee, who founded his own venture capital firm; James D. Wolfensohn is a former president of the World Bank (Lipman 5, 6). Not…

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