The Music Of Today 's Generation Essay

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Although the music of today’s generation has great artists and music, the music in earlier generations such as Styx is different and better than the music of today. Their music appears to have more meaning in the lyrics. The lyrics sing about people being in love, losing love, the meaning of life, and life experiences, instead of vulgar language, drugs, and violence, like music today. Several of the songs tell a story that fills your soul with warmth. I could hear the sorrow, happiness, and the love in the voice of the singer. Not only could I hear it, but could feel it pulse throughout my veins and every beat of my heart. Needless to say, it made me want to be the person they sang about. However, it also made me feel sorry for the ones who lost love and had heartbreak. Styx is one of those bands that when you are listening to their songs take you to a different time and place. You may perhaps close your eyes and envision yourself on the ship they sang about or feel the breaking heart of the man having to leave his love behind. They also sang about the turning of age and technology, how machines are helping man, but in return dehumanizing mankind and replacing them in the workforce.
When I am attending a concert, there are certain criteria that I look for to determine if it was an excellent concert. Not only the music needs to touch my soul, but needs to captivate my eye. First criteria, the band should play music that I find entertaining in addition, it appeals not only…

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