The Music Of The World 's Peoples Essay

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Music exists in people’s daily life a long time ago and it is used in multiple areas and purposes. In Saint Augustine’s book Confessions, he talked about Catholic religion and mentioned the magical effects of music in the rites of the Catholic Church. Similarly, in David P. McAllester’s book Worlds of Music: An Introduction to the Music of the World’s peoples, the author also discussed the positive effects of ceremony music through the story of a Navajo ceremonial practitioner, Frank Mitchell. The two books showed similar positive effects on people with two different viewpoints, as Saint Augustine in Confessions is more dedicated to the religion than Frank Mitchell in Worlds of Music: An Introduction to the Music of the World’s peoples. The purposes of the ceremony music are similar given the fact that both books talked about two different religion groups. Saint Augustine described the purpose of the music as a way for people to resist depression, exhaustion, and even a way to deal with an evil spirit. He treats his religion with the highest respect and described himself is nothing significant compare to the lord. He intends not to treat the music as a form of enjoyment but rather words of wise. He felt the words in the music gives him utility and thus grant him power. The most important purpose of the music for him is that it helps him to be more devoted to the religions, as he mentioned that the music helps him to be “more religiously and with a warmer devotion kindled to…

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