The Music Of The Hip Hop Movement Essay

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Breakdancing marked the beginning of the hip-hop movement in dance. It consisted of unique styles and movements that still exist in breakdancing today. Breakdancing, or “b-boying” rapidly grew since the 1970s and is popular amongst many street dancers today. The history behind breakdancing derived mainly from Puerto Rican and African American dancers in New York. These dancers brought different movements and terminology within breakdancing that are very iconic within this style of dance. This style of dance was not only popular in America, but it also spread to many different countries as well. The music of this time also played a very big role in breakdancing, especially with the help of DJ Kool Herc, who founded the name and music style of breakdancing. Females also then took a big part in the hip-hop scene, along with breakdancing.
“Breaking was influenced by a variety of sources such as gymnastics, tap dance, capoeria, and kung fu” ( The breakdancing movement began in the mid 1970s, being one of the oldest styles of hip-hop dance. Some of the most important pioneers during this time were James Brown. James Brown created the iconic “Good Foot” in 1969, described as an almost acrobatic dance. Many members of the “Rock Steady Crew” were pioneers to breakdancing, and were the most popular. This crew had well-known breakdancers, such as Crazy Legs and Frosty Freeze. Battling is when b-boys and b-girls gather at a specific location and showcase their moves,…

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