The Music Of Mozart And Ludwig Van Beethoven Essay

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What do people think of when they hear the word “genius?” Most likely, they think of people who have accomplished more than the average person in some area of life, such as great authors, composers, artists, and so on. According to the Christian Student Dictionary, genius is defined as “The ability to think and create or invent in an outstanding way; …a strong natural talent or ability” (Franklin et al 299). In the history of music, there have been many people who have shown exceedingly great talent and ability, not only in performing music, but in producing complex, beautiful, or innovative music. Two such composers, living during the Classical period, were Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Ludwig van Beethoven. Among other things, Mozart’s natural talent is obvious in the amount of music he composed in around only 30 years and the age at which he began to compose this colossal quantity of music. Beethoven, who lived longer than Mozart, was also extremely talented and gifted, as can be seen in the creativity and innovation in his music, and in the passion with which he applied himself to his music. Thus, the talent of both men can illustrate the term “genius,” although in somewhat different ways.
Mozart, who lived from 1756 to 1791, displayed much of the “…strong natural talent or ability” stated in the definition of genius, as well as “the ability to…create or invent in an outstanding way…”. At the age of six, young Mozart was already composing minuets, and just before he was…

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